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Update 8/2/04 
SUPER Seals, 
1)  LC Championships were this past weekend.  The team placed 4th overall in the State.  What a GREAT accomplishment for our coaches and swimmers.   Stay tuned for a complete analysis of the meet.  I especially appreciate the parents who gave of their time to officiate and help with our timing assignments.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you did and your willingness to help out in times of crisis. 
2)  Practices WILL continue for those who would like to take advantage of the opportunity -- M-F August 2nd-6th  and  M-F 9th-13th -- 7 to 9am at the 
Spanish Fork pool.  Practices are open to groups Blue, Junior and Senior.  The cost is $25/swimmer for the 2 weeks or $15 for 1 week/swimmer.  No 
additional child discounts will be given during this period and fees MUST be paid in advance (Tuesday of this week at the latest or you don't get in the 
water.  Contact me if you have questions, concerns, etc.) 
3)  Fall practices will resume Tuesday, September 7th at the Springville pool.  Stay tuned for workout times (most likely 4-6pm) 
4)  Don't forget the End-of-Season Family Party at the Spanish Fork Pool on Thursday, August 26th. 
update 7/26/04 
Just a few last minute items to take care of:  
1) Congratulations to the swimmers at the BC Finale: Pete Bradford, Doug Miller, Marie Miller, Hannan Morris, John Morris, Aubry Tingey, Kevin Harper, Kristin Harper and Lisa Strauss. Sounds like they had some great swims and lots of best times. I'll send out results when they are forwarded to me. Medals will be handed out at the "end of season" party on August 26th.  
2) REMINDER: Last day of swim practice for all those NOT going to State is TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 27th from 9:00 to 10:00am at Spanish Fork. There will be practice on Wednesday ONLY for those going to State (this includes relay-only swimmers) with the exception of those swimming the following events on Wednesday evening: 11-12 400 IM, 13-14 milers (Senior milers should report to practice)  
3) BREAKFAST: Tomorrow, Tuesday, following practice at Spanish Fork. Come hungry. Many thanks to Sherri Holcombe and her helpers for donating their time and talents to coordinate the festivities. 
4) STATE CAPS: I will hand out the STATE caps tomorrow at the breakfast. I know I've said this a hundred times -- BUT-- swimmers are REQUIRED to wear a Team Cap at meets. Please, please, please wear the new caps and make things a little easier for the coaches to spot you in the water. There are 46 members of the team competing. Please help by wearing a team cap.  
5) Do you want to purchase an additional State Cap? They are $4 and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We have approximately 40 extras to sell. When they're gone, they're gone.  
6) Cathy Philpot from Utah Swimming is asking for volunteers to be runners and/or to help with hostess items at the meet. Let me know if you would be willing to help out a little more.  
7) Following is the timing schedule at State. Please make sure to note when you are scheduled.  
Wednesday PM -- Timers -- Corine Clark & Swimmers provide their own timers  
Officiate -- Brian Vaughan, Lisa Dowling  
Thursday AM -- Timers -- Doug Miller, Joyce Christensen, Teresa Roberts  
Officiate -- Lisa Simmons, Mike Simmons, Lisa Dowling  
Thursday PM -- Timers -- Marie Taylor, Jeff Taylor  
Officiate -- Mike Fullmer, Brian Vaughan  
Friday AM -- Timers -- Susan Roberts, Charlottte Llewellyn, Tonya Armitstead  
Officiate -- Mike Fullmer, Lisa Simmons  
Friday PM -- Timers -- Brad Crockett, Spencer Blake  
Saturday AM -- Timers -- Michelle Pulido, Sherri Holcombe, Howard Stone, Corine Clark (800s)  
Officiate -- Lisa Simmons, Lisa Dowling  
Saturday PM -- Timers -- Scott Wells, Glen Roberts  
Officiate -- Brian Vaughan  
Just a note on our wonderful officials: I had a lengthy conversation with Emily Reimshussel the other day and she was more than complimentary regarding the officials from our team. They are highly regarded in Utah swimming cirlces and as a team, we are fortunate to have these fine parents represent SSAT. They truly go above and beyond the call of duty.  
That's all for now.  
Update 7/6/04: 
1) First and most importantly, thank you, thank you, thank you to the many swimmers and their parents who worked at the Festival fundraiser (and put with my hysteria). An EXTRA big thanks to Howard Stone for coordinating and providing us the opportunity. Also, huge thanks to the Michelle Blake for handling the $$ and product and to Shari for forfeiting practice today so the Seniors could finish the trash pickup. Initial estimates are that we made approximately $2,000. Way to go SEALS!!!!!  
2) REMINDER: Entries for the BC Finale, July 24th and 25th, are due to me NO LATER THAN Monday, June 12th at 9:45am. Meet information is available at (for all swimmers who are not participating in the LC Champs meet)  
3) REMINDER: Entries for the LC State Championship, July 28-31, is due to me NO LATER THAN Monday, June 19th at 9:45. Meet information is available at (for all swimmers who have Q-times)  
4) REMINDER: Monthly fees are due by the 10th to avoid the $15 late fee.  
5) The 2nd annual family pizza party will be held at the conclusion of the Invitational portion of the meet on Saturday evening. Prices are $2.50/swimmer OR $10/family. Money will be collected on Saturday.  
6) HAST MEET-- Swimmers MUST wear a team cap at the meet. It is very difficult for the coaches to tell the swimmers apart during a race. Compound that with the number of swimmers we have participating and it becomes almost impossible. Please help out by wearing a team cap. Thanks.  
Have a good week and a GREAT meet.